Masterclass: Streamlining SBA Loan Processes

Tony Brevard, 7(a) Funding Group

Loan origination and document processing are the hottest employee segments in banking right now. We're seeing salaries soar as banks try to keep their star employees.

The reason? They just don’t have the tools, processes and systems in place to deal with the boom in processing now.

Your Presenters

Ron Buck, CEO, Performance Insights
Hear Ron's take on:
  • Current market trends in loan origination
  • The impact on sales
  • Predictions for 2021.

Tony Brevard, Principal, 7(a) Funding
Learn from Tony about:
  • The systems and processes behind his team's success
  • How their customers and partners reacted to a remote first, pandemic proof solution
  • And what’s next as we prepare for 2021.
Finally, see how you stack up to industry benchmarks as we explore loan documentation and approval workflows throughout the session.

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Your Presenters

Tony Brevard
7 (a) Funding Group
Ron Buck
Performance Insights